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Special Deals:

Mapcentral is a world wide web with the intention of educating the public and creating awareness in the use of GIS technology. It provides geographic display and intelligent query capabilities, with a simple and intuitive interface. Visitors to the site are immediately given access to a portion of the extensive spatial database that CyberSoft has been accumulating over the past decade. is also a showcase to the corporate world that it is easier, faster and more economical to implement a GIS over the Internet. mapCentral responds to your needs for a way to enable Philippine geographic data into the realm of beneficial information systems. It will bring the enabling tools to help your organization define the location of customers and suppliers; of facilities that generate your work products and services. In helping industries and individuals use such products and services, mapCentral will work with consumers, researchers, decision makers, and administrators to reference Philippine geography as a common tool. In doing its mission, it aims to provide impartial measuring information for management and performance.

MapCentral can support your development and use of information technology in ways that increase collective usability. MapCentral provides an entry into the emerging network technologies to access, exchange, and retrieve complex information which are tied to a location in geographic space. As enterprises realize the need to visualize their data, will play an important role in providing powerful yet economical mapping solutions.

We invite you to explore the MapCentral for an in-depth look into the national boundaries of the Philippines!