CyberSoft Integrated Geoinformatics, Inc.
47A Bulacan Street
Barangay Bungad, Project 7
Quezon City 1105, Philippines

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Special Deals:
Data Holdings
In more than 20 years of CyberSoft in the business, we continuously aim to provide accurate and up to date information to our valued customers. Throughout those years, we have been collecting spatial data covering the entire country. These data gathered were being updated and processed periodically as we conduct field surveys nationwide to provide total GIS solution to any spatial (location) data and Information Management problem.

Collected data are:
  • Boundary (Regional, Provincial, City/Municipal, District, Congressional, Barangay, Zip Code)
  • Water Body (major river, minor river, dams, lakes)
  • Line (Shoreline , Road Network, PNR line, LRT/MRT Lines, Index Contour, Supplementary Contour)
  • Point (Point of Interest e.g. hospitals, banks, schools etc.; other landmarks e.g. Km post, bridges, mountains, etc.)
  • Polygon (footprints)
  • Thematic (Erosion Map, Geological Map, Land Cover Map, Soil Map and so on)

As of to date, we have collected more than 400,000 POI (points of interest) nationwide. These data have actually been used during the last Presidential Election 2010. CyberSoft has performed its public service together with the cooperation of Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and the NGO, Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV) using, an application developed by CyberSoft. Furthermore, these actual data were made available for public access thru mapcentral.