Since 1996, the company has specialized in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and began building the digital map database of the Philippines. By 2000, CyberSoft had the most complete, privately-owned digital map database of the country. To showcase its capability in developing web-based mapping applications, CyberSoft launched www.mapcentral.ph in 2001. MapCentral is the first map-based website in the Philippines. In addition to having a comprehensive street-level map, MapCentral also has a database of business establishments all over the country with contact information and an image of the establishment. Other map features visible on MapCentral include bridges, mountain peaks, kilometer posts and water bodies - rivers, dams, lake. These map layers are regularly updated by CyberSoft's team of GIS specialists.

Over the years, CyberSoft has built a database of the Philippine maps and its attributes through its own information technology, skills and in-depth understanding of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). CyberSoft makes this valued resources available when developing solutions to address the strategic and operational problems of business professionals by providing them with an alternative way of appreciating their business processes using GIS-centric business geographics.

As one of the pioneers of GIS in the country, CyberSoft implemented GIS projects in diverse fields which include: telecommunications, military, public health, environment, utilities, traffic management, social research, business geographics and politics.